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Loosing and regaining faith in our generation summed up in a few screen shots

My friend posted a link on facebook to an interesting article, Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance , which I highly recommend reading, regardless of any preconceived notions about her performance, MTV or the VMAs. I will more than likely have a post coming up soon regarding that article.

But this post is about a particular person, “Rachel”, who represents a demographic of our generation who I very rarely come in to contact with. And for that, I feel lucky. Every time I read or see something of this nature, amazes me that people of our generation can still think, believe, and perpetuate their thoughts in such a manner. 

Rather than a long exploitative rant, I’ll let the screen captures of the following facebook conversations speak for themselves.

First, my friend (Deb), posted the article and had several responses:

Then Rachel posted the link on her page and had some responses as well:

Usually I don’t respond or involve myself in discussions like these on facebook. I felt the need to respond after I had read such ignorant comments as "I’d like to point out how racist that was, as a white woman” and ”there haven’t been slaves for decadesand the ever-terrible and truly unbelievable  Blacks are more privileged than whites

To all of these and more I would have liked to simply (but more eloquently) respond: "CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE"  

THEN I saw this:

Moral of the story: 

Facebook fighting is completely useless because the people who fight on facebook mistake Onion posts as reality. 

"Confessions of a Serial Cheater"

I flicked off my computer the entire time it took me to get through this article. I was tempted to leave a comment, but the top comment from “Kittycoconuts” takes the cake:

There is no respectful infidelity. You’re a moron if you think you can rationalize all of this and make it somewhat respectable. You need to see a therapist and consider yourself sex addict, get some real treatment and then maybe you will be worthy of a REAL intimate relationship someday. 

I’m 27 years old and my whole family just found out that my father has been cheating on my mother for at least 16 years. I’m horrified, he disgusts me, I feel like I didn’t even know him all of these years because I never even thought he was capable of it.  
He had to end the marriage because my mom found out and he couldn’t promise her he wouldn’t do it again. He has destroyed our family and lied to us all. 
Worst of all is that my mother gave up 30 years of her life being with a man who didn’t give up 30 years of his life. He gave up half of that 30 years since the other half was spend screwing around. She is now 50 something and disabled so it’s not even like she has a very good chance of finding someone else, someone else she could have found YEARS ago that would treat her the way she deserved to be treated and someone to grow old with. This has all left her completely heartbroken, helpless and severely damaged. She feels like she can never trust anybody again. 
If you really “love” your fiance, you don’t want her to end up 50 something and disabled and alone with 3 kids that all hate you, think you’re disgusting and feel like they don’t even know you. Don’t leave her completely broken and lost. Don’t let some woman give up 30 years of their life and their youth for you. 
He also claims he had no feelings or intimacy with the women, they never dated and he always used protection. He also tried to rationalize it.  
Do the world a favor and stay single until you get get your crap together.”


Stop everything you’re doing and watch this right now. Trust me.

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Tierney Gearon